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A Transformation that matters.

A Transformation with sustainable impacts.

A Transformation you and your teams are proud of.

We are a network of passionate consultants who help companies reach positive changes that truly matter.

Grüner See,  Steiermark,  Österreich

 20 June 6 pm - Be empowered to accelerate your CSRD journey!

1.5-hour workshop to gain a clear roadmap, along with insights on existing reports, best practices, essential tools, and software

 Last News at CHANGESthatMATTER 

Transition, Change and Transformation have never been so important than in today´s corporate world facing broader challenges: Employees experience recurring change fatigue with over 70% of transformations failing, Leaders become overloaded, Customers and Stakeholders pivot their expectations and, beyond all this, there is an urgent need to reinvent the balance between Planet, People and Prosperity.


It´s time to change the way we shape, create and embed change
to boost positive impacts in all environments. 
We believe in the power of COLLECTIVE transformation.
Purpose, people, collaboration, safe environment, and step-by-step approaches
are the driving force for successful and lasting change.

We support you in these journey’s of transformation to achieve the change you seek in terms of mindset, structure, and ways of working and to become a “Master of Change" empowered to continuously adapt.

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combines a diversity of worlds and experiences 

To make change happen, we combine tradition and innovation.
We have years of experience in the consulting industry and we know what is proven to work. We are also innovators, continually seeking out the cutting edge of transformation, utilising methods such as Agile Frameworks, Design Thinking, Visual Facilitation and Collective Intelligence. 

Our approach is bespoke and tailored to our clients’ needs and situation.


We are not a typical consulting boutique. We combine the best of various worlds: in-house consultants, freelance experts, and partners to offer you the best solutions and deliver results that truly matter.

 What makes us different?

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We work

by conviction


We only support projects which create positive lasting impacts 

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We aim for 

concrete impacts


We start with small

but meaningful changes

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We leverage the power

of the Head, Heart and Hands

We create safe environments and welcome

both intellect and passion

 to make changes happen

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We create changes

on a collective level

We scale the changes 

to make them stick

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We empower

your teams


We ensure that your teams will grow alongside

their projects

They trust us

Challenges solved


Moving to cross-functional teams covering the whole value chain
to improve excellence, speed and innovation 


 Unclear governance

 A complex and inconsistent organization with overlapping responsibilities

 Resources not always allocated based on priorities and highest value opportunities


 / Implementation of cross-functional agile teams across the whole organization


 > Clear accountability

 > Optimized collaboration and information flows

 > Simplified governance ...

... which enabled improved excellence, speed, and innovation in delivery and commercialization

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