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In 1 hour, explore the Climate Fresk Workshop and how can it support your company's decarbonization journey

Climate Fresk Teaser

Discover a serious game to raise awareness and empowering people while having fun

In this interactive call, you will:

  • Discover the story and reach of the Climate Fresk 

  • Learn about the concept and structure of the workshop, including its "train the trainer" format

  • Have a first taste of the Workshop

  • Understand how you can use it in different contexts: from team building to sustainability training, from awareness raising to supporting your sustainability strategy

  • Explore different examples of companies using the Climate Fresk


Join our Climate Fresk Workshop Demo

Monday, 27 November 2023, from 12 pm to 13 pm!

Language: English


How does the Climate Fresk work?

Based on the IPCC report, the Climate Fresk workshop explains the climate functioning and the consequences of its disruption. It gives the opportunity to learn a lot in a very short period of time and addresses both novices and experts. 

The workshop is based on a 42-card game. Each card represents an element of the climate system.
As a team, guided by your facilitator, you will identify the cause-effect relationship between the different components of climate change. Collective intelligence will get you from one deck of cards to the next! 

This step-by-step creation of the 'Fresk' provides keys to understand the big picture of climate change and its complexity. 
After building the Fresk, you will engage in a productive discussion on solutions and actions.

Experienced speakers : Benedicte Herbout & Marie Queneuille

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